Sunday, 29 August 2010

Today's finds....

I picked up these painted carousel horses for the collection from today's car boot sale for just 50p each. Aren't they lovely? If you know me, you'll know I have a thing for just about anything fairground related!

It is Blackpool night on BBC Four tonight, I love seeing old footage of my favourite seaside town especially clips of the Pleasure Beach!
My favourite ride there was the "Greatest Show on Earth", a suspended dark ride just by one of the park entrances. I found this clip on youtube recently featuring footage of the whole ride....

When I was younger I would take every family member on, just so I could repeatedly ride it. There was one time my grandad accidentally (or it might have been on purpose!) knocked the head from one of the horses in the circus scene.... it was a while before it was replaced!
Many elements from the attraction can still be found scattered across the park...

including the horses!



  1. Oh I just love carousel rides! There is something so cheering about them.
    Yes, your carousel horses are very lovely indeed! What a gorgeous find.

    Florrie x

  2. Wow the horses are gorgeous!

  3. gorgeous horses, what a nice find!!

  4. I used to hate the laughing clown at the pleaseure beach - but loved the train ride with the little man driving it. Your finds are great. xxx

  5. Wow! How gorgeous are they and such a bargain, too. xxx

  6. I love carousels! These are so beautiful finds; I can imagine they look so lovely on display.
    I remember my Mum used to have a Christmas carousel we used to have on display every Christmas but I think it got broke a few years ago. I also love snow globes, I am on a quest to find one at a car boot sale by Christmas, and I know Disney do some wonderful ones that I have had my eye on forever.

    I can totally relate to your love for fairgrounds :)x

  7. they're beautiful & what a bargain!

    I watched some of the footage last night too, it was brilliant.

  8. Love that horse! I do like carousel horses too.


  9. At the fair,the carousel was the only ride I would go on as a child.That last pic made me smile! :o)

  10. I thought of you when out shopping today :)
    In Cath Kidston within Selfridges Birmingham there's a mummy guinea pig ceramic money box with baby guinea pig salt and pepper pots- so cute!!
    Found the Mummy online:
    But the baby one's were ever more gorgeous!

    Florrie x

  11. I absolutely ADORE those carousel horses. Blackpool was one of my favourite places ever when I was a kid - I love the really fast carousel with the organ. My brother and I spent every summer there when we were little... eating ice-cream in the rain and being tortured by the Blackpool Tower 'entertainment'.

    It's not so lovely now, but oh the nostalgia... x