Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My weekend....

I found this handsome chap at the car boot sale on Sunday, he was the most expensive item I got at £2.00 but I love him to bits!

My husband and I took a trip to Oxford & Bicester village this weekend where I might have overspent in all of the lovely shops! I was very impressed with the Cath Kidston and Luella outlet shops. Luella had tops for £10 and beautiful dresses for around £85 which is just insane.... as you can probably guess, I spent a few pennies in there :)

It was raining almost all day so I didn't take many photographs but I have uploaded at few to
my flickr for those who are interested!



  1. He's adorable!
    Is Bicester Village any good? I've been meaning to take a trip some time. Now I know it has a Cath Kidston (outlet you say?!) I'm there!

    Lou x - craftyandquirly.blogspot.com

  2. That is something I would have picked up!

  3. Isn't he gorgeous! I'm like you and baulk at paying more than a quid at a boot sale then get home and wonder why I was so stingy. xxx

  4. Oh, my grandma would adore him - she has the real life version, his name is Harry!

    I've always wanted to go to Bicester Village. I've heard amazing things about the Cath shop. Must plan a trip soon!

  5. Can't help but spend a bit too much when you go to Bicester Village!..always happens!

  6. It's typical, when I went to Oxford and Bicester it poured down all weekend. Still flicked through the photos - looks lovely. Jealous about Luella - I didn't know the shop was still open, I feel another trip coming on. x

  7. He is a cutie :0) Super find. Thank you so much for sharing my rosali bunting, so very kind of you X