Wednesday, 25 August 2010


My iPhone is one of those things that I thought I could live without.... until I got one! I adore the camera on it, perfect for when I don't want to carry a heavy digital camera around :)

Here are a few photographs I have taken recently mixed with some of mine that I have edited, all using the "
ShakeItPhoto" app....


  1. wow, i love these (:
    great post.

  2. i love that app! your photographs are far better than mine, which are usually of my boyfriend's sleepy face in the morning.. not so arty! x

  3. What gorgeous little pigs!!

    I'd never have guessed these were iPhone photos, but then I've never used an iPhone... they're all really lovely images.

    Florrie x

  4. Great images! Love the guinea pigs! xxx

  5. Great Images Beckie, I had not heard of this app, off to iTunes now, I am much the same, my iPhone is like a limb now.
    Oh Disney how I miss you so.
    Ps. Love the new banner xxxx

  6. are they your guinea pigs? they are so cute!
    i dont have an iphone, i am always one step behind when it comes to technology!

  7. Thank you for all of your lovely comments!
    Lyn, yep they are my guinea pigs.... my babies! x

  8. Lovely photographs, the first one is my favourite with the suitcase with the free books sign- how lovely :)
    I don't have an iPhone, but I can completley imagine how useful and natty they can become.

    Wonderful new header also xx

  9. Such amazing pictures! Can't believe they're all from an iPhone. I must have one! x

  10. i'm constantly amazed with the photos people take with the iphone, it really has a great little camera on it! i'm so jealous, i'm dying to get one so i can use the hipstamatic app lol. nice collection of shots :)

  11. Really pretty pics, I wish my phone camera was better quality! x