Monday, 5 July 2010

Patchwork cushions

I have recently finished sewing another patchwork cushion, they are super fun to make! The blue one at the top is made from a mixture of beautiful vintage fabric and a bit of Cath Kidston and Tanya Whelan!

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I set up my
folksy shop last week, I have added both of these cushions today so please feel free to take a look!

After years of selling on ebay, folksy and etsy are taking a while to get used to but I am getting there!


  1. These are beautiful! If I wasn't saving money at the minute I would snap up that first one! Pretty :D x

  2. So beautiful, I'm in awe of your sewing skills. The little bunny rabbit is adorable, too.

  3. I love the blue one. I'm desperate to do a patchwork cushion, although hexagons look way to complicated to me!

  4. Good luck with Folksy although I don't think you'll need it with such fab things on sale,

    Victoria x

  5. Your patchwork is so wonderful. I love the patterns and textures. Such beautiful creations. I'm quite unfamilar with folksy/etsy but keep meaning to have a browse around x

  6. I'm currently saving fabric to do a hexigan patchwork - yours look lovely. xxx

  7. I'm in total love with your cushions. I must buy one. Think the Mr would kill me though. I'll come back to you after pay day! :) x

  8. oh wow these are just so beautiful!! they look so well finished and i just love the colours. nice work! :)

  9. These are stunning!
    I will be returning, like Jen, on payday to make a purchase!

    I've been trying to sew my own hexagons, but I can't seem to hide the stitches are I sew them onto the paper. Any advice?

    Lou x -

  10. Hey :) Just stopped by your blog and wanted to leave a comment as I think your cushions are gorgeous! I'm planning on making a couple for my new university halls bedroom, so this is very inspiring! Love your heart garland on your etsy shop too.

    Grace x