Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Welcome to the family....

Today I thought I would introduce my furry friends to you! I am a huge animal lover and we currently have five guinea pigs and a hamster.... they are a lot of work but completely worth it, if only for the cuddles!

Chi Chi
also known as The King.
We got Chi Chi as a baby in 2004 which makes him just over 5 years old. He is named after the drag queen Chi Chi Rodriguez from the movie
To Wong Foo.... one of my favourite movies!
He has lived with just about every guinea pig we keep but his quest for dominance has meant that he always ends up on his own!
Chi Chi is truly the most amazing little guy and knows how to keep himself happy whether it is making cosy hay nests to sleep in, eating 'posh' food (watermelon & parsley are favourites) or snuggling up on us!

Shoobie was originally named Schubert (after the composer).... he has since grown up to be a naughty boy so I think his name suits his personality better now!
We rescued him from Graves Park animal farm in Sheffield where he was most likely left there as an unwanted pet. When the farmer got him out for us to have a closer look, he let out the loudest squeaks you could possibly imagine!
Shoobie likes nothing better than curling up and taking a nap.... he will even do it in the middle of the garden when he is supposed to be running! Shoobie currently lives with Colin, below!

We rescued Colin a few years ago when he was around 2 years old. He was badly treated by his previous owners and is still wary of human beings to this day! He had a DIY haircut when we took him in and his fur has never really grown back like the long-haired piggy he supposedly is, he has tried though! We joke that his fur is still 'too scared' to grow back :p
Colin is beautiful and so hilarious with the funny noises he makes, his speciality is a giggling noise.... I think this is a thank you when you give him food, pick him up for a cuddle, etc!

You have already met Snufkin and his brother Ted who we rescued earlier this year, they had been left at the dog rescue as the breeder was only interested in keeping the female babies :( They are both lunkarya guinea pigs and extremely rare in the UK.
Snufkin is named after the Moomin character and is a shy little pig! His fur is starting to get really long and will soon need regular grooming to keep his coat clean. As he is still a baby, he is very energetic and can fit through small spaces such as under the garden gate.... a little Houdini!

Ted lives with Snufkin and is a real little teddy bear. His fur is so incredibly thick now even just after a few months.... I suspect he is going to need iced bottles in his hutch to keep him cool when the weather gets warmer (if it ever does!).
Ted runs so fast in the garden that his legs look like little wheels!

Finally, meet Minnie our hamster. We have had her a couple of years now and she is so adorable! She lives in a Habitrail Ovo habitat which is amazing because you can see her, even if she is sleeping! She likes to come out and stare at us for ages in the evening and also likes to fill her pouches with so much food that I fear her face will burst!

So there you go!

Do you have any pets? I would love to meet them!



  1. AW! They are the cutest little darlings ever. I long for when I have my own house and can have kittens! x

  2. YOur piggies are gorgeous, I dont think I can choose a favourite! I do love the shocked faces the 2nd and 3rd ones are pulling.
    I have two cats, I think I've posted about them once or twice on my blog, I dont tend to put them up there much but they are my babies and I love them muchly. THeir real names are Benny and Louis, but we call them pig and piglet most of the time.

  3. Aw wow they are so adorable! I love guineapigs so much :)

  4. Oh they are so sweet! Thanks for sharing their photos with us.

    Yes, we have a few pets - 2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 chickens & a horse - quite a lot of work, but as you said, worth it!


  5. Awwww!! How sweet!!!! They are soooooooo cute. I love the way they have their own little personalties too. I live near Wentworth Garden Centre, so not near Sharrow Vale Road, but we often find ourselves out that way. xxx

  6. They've made me go all weak at the knees. Utterly adorable! I want some.

  7. i have a little guinea pig called jerry and a hamster called harriett.
    i want more piggies when i get a house

  8. Cute :0)

    *sigh* at your burberry coat, and well done on a super find :0)


  9. Oh...soooo sweet! I've owned two hamsters apart from dogs.It is sad though,as they don't have very long lives and you get so attached to them.It would be no good me going to one of those rescue centres..I would want to bring all the animals home!

    Bellaboo :0)

  10. Oh they are all so cute, and its lovely to hear they have different personalities too!

  11. I think these are the lovliest rodents I have ever seen and from me thats a huge deal as I am petrified of them, I know its silly but seriously these are the only pictures I have ever been able to look at. I wish I wasn't cause I would love some little pets.
    Are you going for anymore or is your brood complete ? xx

  12. Kara: They are like big squishy teddy bears! I love them to bits :) I am glad you do too! I think we have the right amount for now but they are very hard to resist! xxxx