Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A random picture post....

My days off recently have been used for trips out to Derbyshire, stocking up on holiday supplies and 'sorting stuff out'.
A few weeks ago we went to the plant and fine food fair in Buxton, one of my favourite towns in Derbyshire! Whenever we visit, there are a few things we always have to do including visiting Atticus Boo (the most amazing Cath Kidston/Greengate filled little shop!), spending too much in the sweet shop, walking through the park, feeding the ducks and taking a photo of The Crescent.....

My husband has been spoiling me a bit recently now he has finished uni for the year and has a little more time on his hands! We went for a lovely meal on Friday night and a few days before that, he bought me roses in my favourite colour....


I have been working on some vintage heart garlands recently, they are great to display at the top of your bed! Most of them so far have been made with vintage fabric but I made this one with some lovely bright Cath Kidston & Tanya Whelan fabric.....

They are finished off with vintage buttons, lace & ribbon. They are super fun to make so I hope to make quite a few more....

I'm currently working on a couple of patchwork projects. Sewing endless little hexagons is actually quite relaxing but definitely time consuming!



  1. The heart garlands are adorable - would you ever consider selling them? My friend has just had a baby and she'd love one for her nursery! xx

  2. Buxton looks beautiful. We live fairly close so we must take a trip out that way sometime.

  3. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog! I love the photo of the rose, it's beautiful. And I like your heart garlands too - a nice idea and very pretty. I also enjoyed meeting all your furry friends in one of your recent posts!

  4. I love Buxton too - its very different from other Derbyshire towns. Your heart garlands are lovely.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments, Rebecca.
    I'd forgotten how beautiful Buxton is, I think a revisit is on the cards.

  6. Hi hun, just to let you know - I awarded you the Cherry on Top award on my blog xx

  7. Oh I can't wait to come visit up there I am going to get you to compile a list of things I must do.
    I love these garlands and I think the peg rail in my living room would too, let me know how much you would like for me to buy one.

  8. Those hearts are really pretty - well done!

  9. Wooohooo for Derbyshire - thats where I live :D xXx