Thursday, 15 April 2010

A weekend by the sea

Has spring finally sprung? Well, we thought it had this weekend as we spent it sat coat free on the beach on the east coast!
I love booking last minute trips, jumping in the car and going to the seaside. It is good to get away from day-to-day life, even if just for a night or two.

Here are a few photographs from the weekend....

There are more on my flickr :)

The rest of my week so far has been filled with work and packaging an awful lot of ebay parcels.... not much time for crafting or catching up with blog reading at all! Things are starting to settle down now so fingers crossed for some more time to myself!


  1. Lovely photos, looks like a great weekend. Hope things settle and you do get more time. Bx

  2. these photos are brilliant! Sounds like a lovel weekend, and yes- it really is great to just get away for a while! x

  3. These photo's are beautiful!

    I love the flower illustration on your blog too :)

    Ingrid x

  4. The boardwalk looks so beautiful!

  5. Lovely photos. What a pretty pier.

  6. Pretty pics, I've not been to the seaside for ages!

    p.s I have tagged you on my blog!

  7. Coat free on the east coast - now that must have been a good day! Thanks for your comment - the doll thing is by Gillian Lee Smith - glad you like her. I love these dolls - made from vintage army sheets! (Also known as Gilfings designs)

  8. What super photos, they just say "seaside"!

  9. Hi there! Just wanted to pop in to say I have an award for you on my blog French Mademoiselle! If your blog is award-free, then that's fine. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your beautiful blog!

  10. lovely pics, love the beach!!!
    Spring as soooo SPRUNG!!!
    Rianna xxxxx

  11. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.Like you I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend than at the beach.Sometimes we leave really early and have our breakfast at a little cafe right by the beach..and then do a lovely long walk..on the sands,if the tide's right out.Lets hope we have a great Summer this year!

    Bellaboo :0)

  12. Ok seriously Beckie you take the most gorgeous pictures, is it a natural talent or trained ?
    What camera do you use and do you edit piccy's ?
    Sorry I am full of questions today xx

  13. Kara: Thank you so much! The only editing I do is resizing and maybe brightness if it is a little dull. I just use a Nikon D40 xxxx