Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What's in my wash bag?

I haven't had a lot of time for crafting recently due to being unwell so I thought that I would do something a little different on here today!
I have been inspired by some of the beauty related posts that I have read recently, so today I am going to share with you some of my favourite products that I use each day when getting ready.

Meet my wash bag!

I use a large Cath Kidston wash bag in the blue spray flowers print. It is just about big enough for my junk (this doesn't even include cosmetics!) and has plenty of compartments so I don't lose smaller items.

I tend to have incredibly sensitive skin so have to be really careful about what products I use. I try to use the most natural products according to my budget. I hate putting lots of chemicals on my face, it's not good for my skin and not good for the environment either!
Animal testing is also big no no for me..... in this day & age really we should be more thoughtful about the creatures we share this planet with so I actively seek out products that are against any form of testing.

The first product I am going to share is Trevarno Rosehip & Cocoa butter soap (£2.95)....

I discovered these soaps on a recent trip to St Ives and they are truly amazing! Trevarno formulations are hand prepared at the Trevarno estate in Cornwall where they use only the best and most natural ingredients. If you visit the estate you can see where they make the products as well as visit a soap museum, beautiful gardens filled with peacocks & even a vintage toy museum!
This soap is suitable for all skin types but it is especially good for problem skin. I can't tell you how much better my skin feels since I started using these soaps, they also smell divine!

I seem to alternate the above soap with Fresh Farmacy from Lush (£4.15/100g)....

This soap is also fantastic for troublesome skin! Again this soap is really moisturising and soothing as it is made with heaps of calamine and chamomile. Skin-calming ingredients such as rose, tea tree and lavender essential oils also make this product smell lovely and a joy to use!

Next up we have toner....

This Orange Flower water from
Neal's Yard (£9.50) is quite a recent find. I was sick of toners stripping my skin and making it uncomfortable so I was real pleased to find this. I am a huge huge fan of Neal's Yard, if you browse their "about us" page you will find a million reasons to love their products.... that and they are just amazing, effective products!
The Orange Flower toner "tones and clarifies the skin to encourage a fresh, glowing complexion". Again, it smells lovely!
When I need that bit extra to help me wake up (most mornings!), I also spritz my face with Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist (£10.30). This fantastic spray instantly rehydrates and refreshes my face. It is amazing to use during the summer as it is cooling too!

I use my toner with Bo Weevil organic cotton wool (£2.00/50g).....

Love this stuff so much, I bought mine from the
Trevarno website but I think a lot of places sell it now. It has no nasties in it so doesn't irritate your skin.
Here is a little bit about this product....
"This cotton wool is hydrogen peroxide bleached which is much safer for you than conventional cotton bleach. It is a chlorine-free, fairly benign chemical process which produce no dioxins or trihalomethanes, and uses much less energy and water than a conventional chlorine-based bleach."

Here is my favourite moisturiser, Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Cream (£23.00)....

This is possibly the best product I have ever used. I keep it well hidden so other people are not tempted to use it, it is my little secret! A tiny bit of this cream will go a long way and the jar will last me for months. It is the most moisturising moisturiser(!) ever and soaks right in to the skin providing a great base for applying cosmetics! Suitable for all skin types, this product is packed with ingredients to keep your skin feeling soft and fresh.

On to teeth! My favourite dental products are by
Sarakan, sold in most health shops.

Sarakan toothpaste and mouthwash is amazing and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free.
I have a problem with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is an artificial foaming agent used in almost all products that 'foam' (shampoo, bubble bath, soap, toothpaste, etc). It is the exact same Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that is used in a car wash and engine degreasers, carpet cleaners, laundry detergent, etc.... DISGUSTING! It is a cheap detergent well known to have many health implications including links to PMS, mouth ulcers and even cancer so I stay well away from it.

Sarakan products contain natural extracts of Salvadora persica (aka the toothbrush tree!) known for its powerful antiseptic and beneficial properties. What I like most about these products is that they don't taste of mint, they have a completely unique (and lovely) taste and leave your mouth feeling incredibly clean.

Next up is Neal's Yard Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask (£24.00)....

I have tried to get in to the habit of using a face mask once a week but to be honest, I do sometimes forget! This lovely face mask is a pale pink in colour and smells amazing. It revitalises your skin and gets rid of any dry patches you might have to encourage a fresh, bright complexion. The jar says you will get about 4 applications from it but really it is much much more than this (had about 8 so far on my current jar) and is well worth the money.

Finally, body moisturisers!

Here we have Scottish Fine Soaps Honey B Harmonising Body Whip (£9.75/300g) and Tisserand Wild Rose & Lemon Leaf Body Lotion (£8.75/200ml). These are both the most amazing scents ever and are really refreshing to use, they don't leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky like a lot of body moisturisers can.
The Honey B body whip is an ultra-light body cream which has been whisked to create a lovely fluffy texture. It is made with shea and cocoa butter as well as Scottish honey, beeswax and royal jelly.... lovely!
Tisserand products are also just divine, my husband ALWAYS comments whenever I use this body lotion. It has a super fresh scent made with ethically harvested oils and natural ingredients. The nice pump bottle means it is real easy to use too.

Well there you go!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it hasn't been tooooo long!
I am always interested in product recommendations so let me know what you use each day too!


  1. Some great products!
    cute make up bag!

    I use....Cliniques youth surge with SPF15...good stuff! erases wrinkles in seconds!
    Also ALDIS face cleaning wipes.....good value at 79p!
    thats pretty much it...and lots of water and Vit C tablets!


  2. P.S...I kind of love owt by L'Occitane too....the Lavender hand cream is brill!

  3. What fab products and such a pretty bag, too.
    I'm currently rediscovering Lush and adore most of their products. I always stock up on ayurvedic toiletries when I'm in India, neem soap, hair oils and liquorice root toothpaste.
    I love the look of your soap and use the same toothpaste.

  4. What lovely products you use and all contained in such a lovely wash bag too!

    Victoria xx

  5. All your products look amazing :) I need to buy toothpaste this weekend so I'm going to try and find some Sarakan! Love the wash bag too!


  6. I love the sound of the Sarakan products! Excellent choices :D x

  7. Great Post, I must say I am super jealous, I suffer with bad eczema and can't use anything on my skin, I miss so badly using products.
    I love the sound of the toothpaste though, I can't use shower gels or bath foam for that exact reason, I did not know you could get toothpastes.

  8. Thanks for the recommendations. I am looking for a new toner at the moment so I shall give the Neals Yard one a go.

    I am currently loving plain old emulsifying ointment slathered all over my skin and removed with a hot, wet muslin. Apparently it's what all the stars use and it only costs £3 for a 3month supply. I love it.

  9. It is always nice to read recommendations as there are so many products out there.

    I'm using a Neal's Yard moisturiser at the moment which was free with Marie Claire magazine this month - a nice way to try it out!


  10. Hope you are feeling better?
    I love Trevarno products and was lucky enough to visit the gardens when we were on holiday in Cornwall last year, a lovely place.

  11. Hiya, thank you for the comment on my blog , i am not too far away over near Buxton !

    I have not made it to Fancie yet as our family car is a little poorly and i have been told by my hubs to be that cupcakes are not essential to life ... not sure if he is right there ;)

    Sara x

  12. fantastic post!! I want to go out and buy some of that cotton wool now :)