Saturday, 6 March 2010

Recent purchases....

I have been quite unwell with a nasty cold which seems to have set off my throat again so I have been spending a lot of time in bed this week. It is such a shame because I had booked a bit of time off work to do some fun things!

I have managed a few trips out, one of which was to the flea market in Chesterfield which is held every Thursday. You would be suprised at some of the things you can buy at this market and there are so many stalls you could easily spend a day browsing! I managed to pick up quite a few vintage craft supplies for my 'collection' as well as some lovely ornaments ready for easter. I also treated myself to this brooch....

I was very excited when the postman arrived the other day as he was bringing me this.....

The ring is by Disney Couture and has been designed for the new Alice In Wonderland movie. It came in a cute Tom Binns pouch and is so special! I was a bit hesitant about this collection at first but there are quite a few pieces I have my eye on now, oops!

Today we went out for lunch at the Red Lion in Litton followed by an afternoon in Bakewell where we visited the craft fair in the Brigade Hall. There were some lovely stalls selling handmade bears, jewellery, photography & other gifts. I bought this scented vintage teacup candle....

Ted seems to like it....

& Snufkin certainly approves!

We also got these lovely handmade scented wax melts. I always seem to have a candle or two on, I love the light that they create! The combined scent of these melts smell exactly like
The Disneyland Hotel in Paris.... if you have stayed there before you will know just what I mean about the scent!



  1. I wish we had a weekly flea market to go to!
    The ring is really cute isn't it? But not as cute as Ted & Snufkin!


  2. Really lovely photos, I am off to check out Disney Couture after seeing your ring!


  3. Ted and Snuffkin are so cute! xxxx

  4. Oh, look at Ted and Snuffkin! Love them!
    I haven't been to Bakewell in years, it's a lovely town.

  5. I hope you feel better soon! That brooch is gorgeous & I love the ring as well. Haha, Ted & Snufkin are too precious, Snufkin especially reminds me of my own Miss Piggie :D

  6. That brooch, that ring! So gorgeous! Have a sweet day!

  7. I love your new ring, I adore the Disney Couture ranges.

    I hope you feel better

    Victoria x

  8. I love your new CK pillowcases and your guinea pigs are sooo cute! I have a brooch like that too!
    Thanks for popping over to look at my blog and for your comment.Be back soon!

    Bellaboo :o)

  9. Awww I love the Disney Couture ring! I just came back from Paris and EVERYTHING was decorated in shops and bus stations with the Alice in Wonderland-theme.

    Ps. I have a nasty cold too!

  10. Lovely ring and candle... the world is going Alice-in-Wonderland mad, no?

  11. that ring is so cute, is it good quality?

  12. Thank you for all of your lovely comments!

    Helen, yes the ring is amazing quality especially since it is adjustable. It was only £17 on asos, a real bargain. I collect Disney Couture.... love their quality and the pieces don't tarnish as they are gold/silver plated :D

  13. Hope you feel better soon, hugs from me. Your blog is so pretty and cute and the ring is divine, popping you my sidebar, methinks I need to come back and see what you have been up to ;0)Thanks for your lovely comments :0)


  14. Hi Rebecca, thank you for following my blog and for leaving your lovely comment. I'll be doing a giveaway when I get to 100 followers and there will be plenty of Cupcake cards to win so keep a look out. P.s love your blog and your guinea pigs, cute!! x

  15. i hope u feel better soon ;0)xx
    lovely blog you have here...wonderful piccys of bright beautiful things!...and ted and snufkin are very cute!!! ;0)xx

  16. Oh, your guinea pigs are just the most adorable little fellas I've ever seen. I had two pigs when I was growing up and I loved them more than any pet I've ever had - they're such affectionate creatures!