Friday, 12 February 2010

Recent crafts & new additions!

One of the tasks on my Day Zero project list is to donate blankets to the local dog rescue so yesterday afternoon (after a few months of collecting them) we set off in the car for the rescue centre the other side of Sheffield. I am sure that they will be much appreciated during this cold weather!
Whilst we were there we had a look at the animals (a lot of cats!) and somehow we ended up coming home with a pair of 7 week old Lunkarya guinea pigs to add to our piggy family! Let me introduce you to them.....

Meet Ted!

and here is Snufkin (yes, I am a huge Moomin fan)!

They are so small that they fit in my hand!

Lunkarya guinea pigs are a very rare and emerging breed in this country. Apparently the breed originated in Sweden during the 1980's and they are known for their very thick, long and curly fur.... much like a sheep! They are incredibly cute, how could anyone have given them away?!

Apart from rehoming guinea pigs, I spent yesterday playing with some new craft supplies and I came up with these....

A set of bracelets in my favourite colours; green, pink and turquoise!

I also made a bunch of fabric heart shaped brooches. I made one of these a while ago and got so many compliments whenever I wore it so I thought I would made some to sell once I set up my etsy & folksy shops. The brooches are lightly padded and are made from a mixture of Cath Kidston and vintage fabrics. They are topped with a cute vintage button!

I am very much looking forwards to this weekend.... I turn 25 on St Valentine's day, it is also my mum's birthday the same day!
What have you got planned for the weekend? I hope you have a good one!


  1. OHmigosh

    They are adorable!!!!!

  2. ahhh i love them! how many piggy's do you have now?

  3. Thank you! We have five guineas now, they are a lot of work but completely worth it!

  4. Ohmygoddd! They are so cute :) They don't look completely real they're that cute!!


  5. aaaw they are so pretty! Their hair is so funny! :D

    I adore the brooches too, definitely interested when you put them up on etsy! x

  6. What cuties! I love their crimped fluff! Those brooches are adorable, I'm in awe of your creativity.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to learn more about you. Happy birthday for yesterday!

  7. Ted is so cute...I had G.pigs and rabbits when I was sweet!!!!!!!

    I'd love to see your old wishing're so right about CK, seems she will be almost timeless......I do love her

  8. How cute! They are adorable!
    Your blog is lovely, so I have added it to my blogroll. :) Please feel free to pop over any time. xxx

  9. Oh, I love guinea pigs! They are the most adorable pets, especially their squeaks and purrs :)

  10. I love your beautiful brooches! They have such a sweet, vintage feel to them. I hope you had a wonderful birthday & Valentines!