Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Review // The Netherlands National Circus 2018

2018 marks a very special date for circus shows in Britain as it is 250 years since circus was born here in our country. The anniversary of this British-born wildly popular and fabulously eccentric art form is being celebrated all year long up and down the country through shows, events, talks and more and museums, schools, libraries, theatres, etc will all join in with the fun! 

This year I have made it my personal mission to see as many circus shows as possible and our first circus of 2018 is the Netherlands National Circus who have returned to Sheffield once more to entertain us Yorkshire folk with a brand new show.

You might remember that we popped along to see the Netherlands National Circus last year and the performance we saw has stayed with us so much so that I definitely count it as one of our favourite family friendly shows that we saw in 2017. And I can promise you, we saw a lot of shows last year! 

We couldn't wait to return to see what's new for this year! With tickets in hand, we popped down to Hillsborough to see the theatre style big top assembled and all lit up in the Wednesdayite car park which is just by the Sheffield Wednesday football ground.

The big top is climate controlled (super cosy!) and the seats are arranged inside that there isn't a bad seat in the house! Whichever seat you sit in, you'll be able to view all the action. We had deluxe grandstand seats which are the front row of the main seating section. I honestly think that these are absolute best seats you could pick if you're visiting as sometimes I feel like ringside is a bit *too* close, especially when you're watching aerial acts (which this circus has a fair bit of!).

We grabbed some snacks (popcorn, we love freshly made popcorn!) and drinks and settled down to wait for the show to begin.

.... And oh my goodness, what a show it was! This years show is jam packed full of old favourites and some that are new to me too. A two hour fun filled non-stop extravaganza (phew!) of pure entertainment and we were absolutely blown away by the quality and talent of everything we saw.

The show started as it meant to go on, with a super fun high speed diablo act that just got faster and more intricate as it progressed. My little mind was completely blown already and we were only in the first few minutes of the show! The male performer was super charismatic making this act cheeky, fun and thoroughly entertaining. We loved it!

Before we entered the big top, we made a bet that there would be at least one song from The Greatest Showman and we were absolutely not wrong! When Rewrite The Stars came on alongside a beautifully choreographed aerial hoop act, my little girl literally squealed with delight. I am not even gonna tell you how often we listen to the soundtrack from this movie at home and this song is kiddo's current favourite so this act was most definitely a highlight for her.

Let's talk about the clowns next. Honestly, you know how much I love my clowns (it's an unhealthy obsession, I can assure you!). And I know nothing about the duo at the 2018 show, not even their names (I'd love to see more information about the acts in the souvenir guide or on the website, please!) but they were super entertaining and we all loved them! These guys appeared in-between acts and were ridiculously funny with nice concise non-verbal routines that made my girl howl with laughter.

The first half of the show closed with Duo Extreme, a visually stunning aerial performance that included a large tank of water, fire and beautiful synchronised strength. Where can I even start to tell you about this act?! It is just so graceful and I could honestly watch it all day. The strength and agility of these performers is such an inspiration, they moved elaborately together through the water like synchronised swimmers before being lifted out over and over to the soundtrack of Frühling in Paris by Rammstein, one of my all time favourite songs. That final moment when the male performer drops the lady into a pool of fire is just breathtaking. Honestly, this act is phenomenal!

After the interval we saw a unique laser act which was such a fun way to jump straight into the second half of the show. It is only the second time that my girl has experienced laser lights (Hot Ice Show in Blackpool was her first!) and she loved trying to touch them! Our mind was blown with the pair of performers seemingly bend, fight, dance and play with light. It was beautiful and unlike anything we had seen at a circus before! 

The show was packed full of different and unique acts, no two were even in the slightest bit similar. And each act moved seamlessly, one into the other. I really enjoyed Robert Foxall with his aerial strap act. It reminded me wildly of gravity defying circus acts I used to see (and love!) growing up, an absolute classic and again.... such incredible talent!

I think our overall favourite though was the closing act, the Jackson family with a gorgeously well put together act using bicycles. Let me tell you, I don't think taking kiddo out on her bike is ever going to be the same again now she has seen all the tricks you can do! I asked her after the show what her favourite act was and she screamed out "THE TINY BIKE!!". 

The 2018 Netherlands National Circus is an unforgettable show and I really do recommend it if you're in or around Sheffield. It's a magnificent family night out and one that you'll remember for years to come!

The Netherlands National Circus is currently touring and is in Sheffield (Hillsborough) until Sunday 18th March 2018 so make sure you book your tickets and treat the family to this most wonderful circus show before it rolls out of town! Tickets are available from the circus box office on site or you can book in advance over on The Netherlands National Circus website where you can also find venue details, show times and lots more information!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

My dream honeymoon destinations

I am a daydreamer and a planner through and through but it is only over the past few years that I have started to act on my aspirations and start making my dreams become reality. One of my favourite things to do when I have a bit of time to kill is to browse travel websites and dream of all the beautifully European and all the far off and exotic places that I would love to visit one day. There are countless places that I would love to explore, innumerable things that I want to see and of course, so many foods that are waiting for me to devour!

Our 10th wedding anniversary in 2019 is creeping up on us and I am seeing this occasion as a perfect opportunity to do something really special. We have already talked about doing a Bahamas Disney Cruise, visiting California for the first time or even renewing our wedding vows somewhere like Las Vegas. More than anything though, I would love a relaxing break as a family.... a luxurious, magical break like no other. When we got married, you might remember we spent our honeymoon at Disneyland Paris which was absolutely magical, beautiful and perfectly *us* but I must admit I always craved that luxury break complete with soft sands, glorious sunshine, warm waters and seductive cuisine.... I definitely think it's about time we made that happen!

Long-haul luxury travel operator are currently holding a competition to win a luxurious 7 night honeymoon in Mauritius. To be in with a chance of winning they are asking folk to send in their proposal stories. You can enter the competition by clicking here. Mauritius is such a dreamy destination and what a luxurious prize! 

With this competition in mind, I have been dreaming of a few destinations that I would love to take a second honeymoon in because well, what a way to celebrate 10 years of happy marriage! I have never heard that your honeymoon has to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip anyway! Let's do it again!  


Barbados is well and truly on my radar at the moment and it is somewhere that I have wanted to visit for so long. Taking a trip here looks to be as exciting or relaxing as you want it to be and with so many places to explore, glorious sunshine, sandy beaches and more rum than you can shake a stick at, I honestly think that I would be in heaven here! Barbados has a rich and diverse culture to explore and a huge range of luxury resorts to relax and enjoy a romantic break at. It is our absolute dream luxury holiday destination! 


Thailand is surely one of the worlds most desired holiday locations as it is home to some of the most idyllic beaches and islands on this planet. A second honeymoon in Phuket would be perfect for us as it is absolute paradise complete with over thirty beaches to see, rich culture to explore and delicious cuisines to sample. 

Some of the 5 star resorts here look incredible with The Shore at Katathani making it's way right to the top of my travel wish list! This resort is nestled amongst lush greenery right by the stunning Kata Noi Beach. A true romantic holiday destination complete with unrivalled luxury and ultimate relaxation. 

The Shore at Katathani, Phuket


I have always associated the Maldives with ultimate relaxation and indulgence and therefore it firmly is on my list of dream *honeymoon* destinations. With a tropical climate that is warm to hot all year round, crystal clear waters and unsurpassed natural beauty, the Maldives offer a truly exotic experience. I would love to visit here with the intention of total relaxation with my husband, it honestly looks like heaven on earth. 

If money was no object, I would head straight for the Anantara Kihavah Villas which are set on the island of Kihavah Huravalhi, supposedly the most beautiful in the Maldives. Private pools, a stunning underwater restaurant and even the option of a kids club make this resort ideal and somewhere that I am just dreaming of visiting one day!

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

If money was no object, where would be your dream honeymoon destination? Let me know in a comment below! 

* Collaborative post

Monday, 12 March 2018

Ways to Work from Home Effectively

I am really lucky that over the past few years I have been able to work from the comfort of my home, supporting our family income by doing everything from running an eBay shop to writing a blog. We are a family who love little luxuries (and big ones too if I'm honest!) so being a pro at time management is essential in our house if we want to keep making extra money to fund these treats (namely Disney holidays, I will admit!). 

Honestly, I have pretty much worked through every nap that kiddo has taken, every morning she spends at nursery and pretty much most evenings too! It's a way of getting stuff *done* without having to worry about paying out for expensive childcare or having kiddo in nursery for longer than she needs to be. 

Being careful with how I spend my time 'working' is always something I am very conscious of. I hate the feeling of wasting time, especially when you are super busy and have a huge 'to do' list!

There are a number of methods that I like to use when it comes to making the most of my time when working at home and today I wanted to share a few of these. Just a few simple steps that make all the difference for me! 

Firstly, preparation. I never go to bed without making a firm 'to do' list for the following day. Identifying what needs to be done and how many hours I have to get it done in is crucial for me in having a successful working day.

Next, having a designated (uncluttered!) work/office/desk space and getting ready properly in the morning really helps me get into a super productive mindset. If I am ready in the morning (no pj's here!) I am more inclined to work harder and be more productive when I am sat at my computer, especially with no or minimal distractions! 

Finally, effective communication! I don't have an awful lot of time where I can work without distraction (kiddo is at nursery for just 15 hours) so I like to stay on top of emails and phone calls when my time is completely my own. Replying to emails as soon as I can and making sure that I can make quick and efficient phone calls are essential. If I need to ring my mobile or insurance company for example, I like to know that I can call them directly without having to wait for ages on the phone. This site has thousands of contact numbers that enable you to skip the queues and get through to your chosen company directly which saves so much time leaving you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your day! 

Do you work from home? How do you manage your time and what are your top tips for working efficiently when you are your own boss? Let me know in a comment below! 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Our Dining and Fastpass plans for Walt Disney World 2018

Our Walt Disney World countdown is rapidly creeping up to that 50 day mark and I still can't believe that our next trip is so soon! I am so ridiculously excited for everything that we have planned for our trip and today I thought that it might be fun to share the advance dining reservations that we made at the 180 mark and the Fastpass+ reservations that we made at the 60 day mark. 

Planning is one of my favourite aspects of taking a Disney holiday. There is always so much to research and get excited about that I don't feel I could ever get bored of doing it! I always keep hold of my game plans from previous trips and I like to look back on them and see how much they actually changed whilst on holiday (because let's admit it, you've gotta also go with the flow especially when you're travelling with a young child!). 

I wanted to start documenting these bookings on my blog too because I don't know about you but I love reading about other peoples trip plans when it comes to Disney! Everybody plans their holidays so differently and it just proves that Disney could never get boring, no matter how many times to visit!

Here's what we have planned for table service dining in 2018!

Boatwright's Dining Hall
Location: Port Orleans Riverside

Our first reservation of the trip and somewhere we haven't tried before. Boatwright's Dining Hall is at Port Orleans Riverside which is the resort we are staying at and despite reading mixed reviews about this place we thought that we couldn't miss it out! Described as casual Louisiana-style dining, I am looking forward to trying out some new-to-me dishes on our first full day at Walt Disney World in 2018.

Location: Animal Kingdom Lodge

We are returning to Boma in 2018 because as you might remember, we absolutely loved eating here (repeatedly!) when we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge last year. I have been dreaming about those Zebra Domes ever since and I can't wait to wander around that gorgeous resort lobby once again. Jambo House is stunning, this whole resort is stunning. We can't wait to be back! 

Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno
Location: Disney's Boardwalk

This is a first for us and it is definitely the character meal that I am most excited about for this trip. I have heard amazing things about this breakfast and the food looks incredible too! The characters you encounter here are Ariel, Prince Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider and as we have never met either Prince Eric or Flynn Rider before I am so looking forwards to seeing how Miss E interacts with them. She absolutely loves Tangled, especially 'punzie and Flynn! 

A buffet with character at The Crystal Palace
Location: Magic Kingdom

We always do breakfast at the Crystal Palace so having dinner here is going to be another new experience for us. Fingers crossed that dinner is as good as breakfast because we absolutely love it here! The evening meal looks set to be a selection of mouth-watering favourites such as carved meats, freshly prepared pastas and more and I can't wait to try it out before popping outside to catch Happily Ever After afterwards.

Rainforest Cafe Dinner
Location: Disney Springs

This one is kiddo's request and one that we were more than happy to book! The food at Rainforest Cafe might not be the absolute best but it is such good fun and a great dining experience. We love the decor inside the restaurant and they cater really, really well for children which is always a priority for us!  

Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant
Location: Disney Springs

Another new one but I only had to see the bread & butter pudding on the menu and instantly went to book a reservation. If you know me then you'll know that I am obsessed with bread & butter pudding. Literally obsessed! Combining this with live music and award winning Irish dancers, I think we are pretty much guaranteed to have a great meal here! 

Yak & Yeti
Location: Animal Kingdom

We love Yak & Yeti. It has become a 'must do' for each of our Disney holidays and I honestly think it is such a wonderful place to eat. I love everything about it from the decor to the food. I can't wait to be back at this beautiful Nepalese-style restaurant.... Gimme those fried wontons with fresh vanilla ice cream already!

Minnie's Seasonal Dine at Hollywood & Vine
Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Another return visit for us! This time we have booked this reservation with the Fantasmic package which I didn't know was only 1 table service credit on the dining plan. Such a nice surprise! On our last visit here all the characters were decked out in their Christmas finest so I am super excited to see how different it is now spring is here!

California Grill 
Location: Disney's Contemporary Resort

Our only signature dining experience for 2018 but one that I am so excited for! Over the past few years we have hesitated over booking a reservation here mostly because I will readily admit that the menu doesn't really excite me but this year we have bitten the bullet and made a booking. It really is a 'must do' at Walt Disney World and I want to try it at least once! 

Chip 'n' Dale's Harvest Feast Breakfast at Garden Grill
Location: Epcot

I'm not really a breakfast person until it comes to Disney breakfasts. Anyone else like that?! I don't usually get to eat sticky buns, Mickey waffles and tropical juice for breakfast though so maybe that is the reason for my Disney breakfast excitement! I am really looking forwards to this character meal but mostly because Chip and Dale are two of kiddo's favourites! 

Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' Dinner
Location: Disney Springs

I think we saw Homecomin' on a Tim Tracker vlog last year and instantly knew it was somewhere we wanted to eat on this trip. The menu which showcases fresh flavours from Florida in good old comfort food style looks right up our street! It all looks delicious! 

Via Napoli Ristorante
Location: Epcot

As a family of pizza lovers, we love Via Napoli. The pizza here is ridiculously good and kiddo has mentioned on more than a few occasions how much she loved eating at this restaurant! Not gonna lie, I have been craving that picante pizza with spicy sausage since November and I am counting down the days until I can eat it again! 

Location: Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

This one was a bit of a last minute booking and I am so glad we finally got a reservation for the last evening of our 2018 holiday! We have only done the character breakfast at 'Ohana and I have wanted to eat here for dinner for such a long time so this meal is going to be really quite special for me. Again, the dinner includes bread pudding topped with caramel sauce and bananas which I think is all you really need to know. I am bread pudding obsessed.....have I already mentioned that?!

Be Our Guest
Location: Magic Kingdom

Finally, Be Our Guest. This one is a QSR for lunch time and not an evening reservation (which we have already cancelled). We are currently undecided on whether or not we should cancel this booking too because our meal there in November last year was the biggest letdown, honestly I could cry it was so bad! The food, the experience, the service, the lack of actual Beast.... argh! I really want to give it one more go so we're currently hanging onto this lunch reservation in the hopes that I can claw back some good vibes about this restaurant. Fingers crossed, eh?! 

So those are our 14 dining reservations for our Spring 2018 trip! Here are the Fastpasses I have booked in around the dining....

Animal Kingdom

Meet favourite Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost
Na'vi River Journey x 2
Festival of the Lion King
Finding Nemo - The Musical
Kilimanjaro Safaris


Spaceship Earth
Frozen Ever After
Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot
Journey into Imagination with Figment x 2
Living with the Land
Turtle Talk with Crush
The Seas with Nemo and Friends
Soarin' Around the World

Hollywood Studios

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Singalong
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Disney Junior - Live on Stage!
Muppet Vision 3D
Beauty & the Beast - Live on Stage
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Magic Kingdom

Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater
Peter Pan's Flight
The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
Meets Cinderella and Princess Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
Tomorrowland Speedway
Meet Tinkerbell at Town Square Theatre
Jungle Cruise
Pirates of the Caribbean

Our plan of attack for the fastpasses is basically doing all the attractions that kiddo loves! As you can see, there are absolutely no rollercoasters this year because she's all of a sudden quite adamant that she doesn't want to ride them (despite having loved them for the past three years!). Yep, not even the Barnstormer.... which has been her favourite for the past few years! We've left it quite chilled too, not filling every day with maximum Fastpass bookings because we want a good few days away from the parks this year and exploring Disney Springs, the Boardwalk, our resort, etc more. We also want to spend some quality time in Epcot as the International Flower & Garden festival will be still on when we visit! 

I am so excited for this trip.... I can't wait to be back at the most magical place on earth!

So those are our table service dining reservations and Fastpass+ bookings for spring 2018! Have you eaten at any of our choices before? Which is your favourite? And what are your *must do* attractions in Walt Disney World? I'd love to know so please let me know in a comment below! 

Friday, 2 March 2018

Review // Personalised Wine Gifts from Gifts Online 4 U

Hey guys! I hope you're all having a lovely week and the weather isn't too snowy or cold where you are? I am full on fed up of the cold weather now and i'm counting down the days until spring is here! Mothers Day is just around the corner (already, I know!) and today I wanted to share a unique personalised gift idea that would be just perfect for saying 'thank you' to the mother figure in your life! 

Gifts Online 4 U are a company who sell a huge range of fabulous bespoke gifts for all occasions. From personalised mothers day gifts to proposal gifts to an extensive range of personalised wine.... you name it, they sell it! Their speciality is their beautiful engraved options and today I am sharing their personalised sparkling rose wine gift for mums* which I think would be an ideal gift for mothers day! 

This personalised 75cl bottle of rose wine comes complete with an embossed pewter label which can be engraved with any message you wish. I went for a classic wine quote but you could add any message or quote that you like!

The character limit for this particular gift is 95 characters which you can spread across 4 lines of text. When it comes to creating your personalised product you also have the option of making it completely your own by adding a gift box or gift wrap and a greetings card to make it really special. 

Delivery was super quick. I placed my order and within two days my product had arrived. Their free standard UK delivery option is 2 to 7 days of placing your order (I always love me a free delivery option!) or you can add on a UK next working day delivery option at the checkout for just £5. 

The gift was packaged beautifully in protective polystyrene which encased the bottle of wine neatly. The package also came with a bag full of sweets which I can assure you, did not last long at all in our house! The sweets were such a nice touch! 

This particular gift is priced at £39.99 which is obviously more expensive than your standard bottle of rose wine but the quality of the engraving is stunning. It really is a bottle to keep out on display and drink on a special occasion!

I always think that you can't go wrong with giving a bottle of wine as a gift and this particular bottle means that the recipient will want to hang onto the bottle long after the contents of it have been consumed. It is gorgeous! 

If you're stumped for Mothers Day gift ideas or you're looking to gift a unique and special gift for a different occasion then why not pop over to the Gifts Online 4 U website to take a look at their huge range of products? I am sure that you will find something that is just perfect for that special occasion!

* I was kindly sent this item to review but all thoughts and words are my own

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Half Term Fun with Sheffield Mutual

OK, I know I already said this in my last post but February has absolutely flown by in the blink of an eye! The beginning of March should definitely have a touch of a spring vibe to it and I am adoring all the pastel coloured and Easter products pouring into the shops at the moment but as I write this, there is a good foot of snow outside my door. Spring definitely seems to have been postponed for now! 

We are now in our first week back at preschool after the half term break and today I wanted to share a little of what we got up to in our week off together. I am one of those people who has no problem entertaining their child.... that's if you can get out! We love taking trips to the cinema, the park, various classes, soft play centres and the local library but when those days arrive where the rain is just *too much* or illness hits (kiddo was super poorly for the first 3/4 days of her break, poor thing!) I must admit I do sometimes struggle to find ways of keeping my girl entertained. 

Something she really loves doing at home together though is crafts and baking so when Sheffield Mutual got in touch with me recently to see if they could send us an activity pack to help keep us entertained over half term* well, I couldn't say no! It was just the thing we needed!

The pack arrived a few days later and inside was a selection of goodies including baking accessories, felt tips, card making supplies and craft supplies. Miss E couldn't wait to get started! 

After seeing the instruction sheets for a calming glitter jar and decorated biscuits, we decided that these would be the first two activities that we would do together. Miss E was quite intrigued by the glitter jar, she's absolutely obsessed with snowglobes so getting the chance to make one herself was super exciting for her!  

She loved mixing up a "potion" to create the glitter jar which consisted of warm water, clear glue, food colouring and loose glitter. It was so unbelievably easy to put together, Miss E loved stirring it all up then screwing on the lid ready to give it that first shake! A perfect activity for a child who loves assembling things!

Doesn't the finished product look so pretty?! It's super lovely to play with too! 

Next, we did a spot of biscuit decorating. Now, the activity box came with instructions for making biscuits but we had a bunch of shortbread hearts to use up so we decided that for now we would just decorate these instead of making more from scratch. Miss E had been feeling quite poorly over the half term break and her concentration wasn't the highest so we didn't want to push it too much!

She had an absolute blast decorating her biscuits though! We used the chocolate icing pen that was included in the activity box to draw patterns on the biscuits then she decorated them with the pearly blue and green sprinkles.

Once we had finished decorating the biscuits, we set up a little tea party just for the two of us which was complete with tea for me and milk for her, our favourite tunes, a story or three and lots of cuddles! Bliss!

Next up was a spot of card decorating! I knew that this activity would be an absolute hit because if you give my girl a bunch of stickers and coloured pens, she's sure to be happy for hours!

This was a really nice peaceful activity that kept Miss E occupied for most of the afternoon. I traced out some shapes on the blank cards then she filled the shapes with paper squares that I had previously cut out for some collage work. 

She loved using the stickers and coloured pens to decorate each card. I love the fact that I pretty much had no input into making these cards (apart from drawing the shapes she requested) and that they were all her own idea using the materials that had been provided!

There's nothing like receiving a handmade card either, is there?!

A few more things that were included in the activity pack were the grass head who is *just* about sprouting his first hairs (and I forgot to take a photo of that!). Miss E loves checking on him every morning and filling up his pot with water. It's such a fun idea too, you can't not smile at a googly eyed grass head!

And lastly, the paint your own teddy bear shaped money box! We loved this activity as everything you needed to decorate the money box was included in the set. The paints are really nice quality and I loved seeing kiddo do her own thing with this product. She has created a multicoloured polka dot masterpiece which now stands proudly on a shelf in her bedroom! 

We had such fun doing these activities together over the half time. It was a really nice way to spend time together, doing and making things at home. Having a stash of craft and baking supplies at home is such a blessing when the weather is bad as it often is during the winter holidays.

A super huge thanks goes out to Sheffield Mutual for keeping us occupied and happy over the half term break! We had the best time!

This post was written in collaboration with Sheffield Mutual who offer a range of financial products including children's savings, life insurance, tax free ISAs and more. Pop over to their website to find out more about their products and services.

*This is a collaborative post but as always, all words and thoughts are my own

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February Favourites

My goodness! February has absolutely whizzed by.... don't you think?! I literally don't even know where the past few weeks have gone which is crazy because January honestly felt like the longest month e v e r. February has been a busy month of catching up, birthdays (mine included!), half term fun, fixing up our house (more on that soon!), selling like crazy on eBay and being ever so slightly absent from my blog.

But today I am back (yay!) and I am here to share some of my favourite products that I have been using in February. There's a real mix of stuff here this month. I am so excited to both share and document my picks because my tastes are definitely in a period of change at the moment.... and change is always good!

Old Skool Vans

If you know me, you'll know I am a Converse girl through and through but I received these classic black Old Skool Vans for my birthday and I flipping love them. These low top lace-ups have become my go-to everyday shoes over the past few weeks and not only do I love how comfy they are, I love they they go with pretty much everything. Let's face it, I'm a lazy dresser so I love not having to think about if things match!

Cloud Nine Wide Iron

I got these straighteners for Christmas and oh my goodness, how on earth did I survive without them?! My hair is super thick, unruly and frizz akin to Brian May if I didn't tame it with heat (not even joking here!) and these wide plate straighteners sort out my beastly mane in just a few minutes. Literally incredible. I love that they heat up and are ready to use within 20 seconds of being switched on and I love that the heat is distributed quickly and evenly. I get a super sleek finish every time with minimal effort which is truly amazing. These straighteners are a revelation and I am absolutely loving using them!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle 

Another birthday gift here! Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle and Coco Noir are two scents that I consider to be signature for me but over the past year or so I have been looking for something new so when I saw Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle arrive in the shops recently, I just knew I had to try it out! I mean, just look at that bottle.... it is stunning! The scent is sunny, youthful, playful and fresh. It reminds me of summer; fresh days with blue skies and sparkling sunshine. I cannot wait to take this bottle away with me as it is a perfect holiday scent! I have had so many lovely comments when I have worn it over the past few weeks, too!

I Heart Makeup - I ♡ Chocolate Rose Gold Palette

Late to the party but over the past month or so, I have well and truly succumbed to the rose gold trend. I know, I know! I spied this new rose gold palette in Superdrug recently and didn't hesitate in popping it in my basket. Not only is the metallic rose gold chocolate casing absolutely stunning, the products inside are amazing too! The shades are a mixture of pressed glitter and mattes both of which are heavily pigmented and easy to use.... I actually am in love. I am such a fan of TAM Beauty products, I haven't purchased one that I didn't adore! This is my first palette purchase from the I ♡ Chocolate range and it certainly won't be long until I buy more.

Maples and Whisky Candles

These Disney inspired scents from Maple and Whisky have been a more than welcome addition to my candle collection this month. If you have ever stayed at a Disney resort then you'll know that Disney lobby scents are a real  *thing* and yes, they are the actual best. I picked up the Jambo House and Animation Hall scents and they are such a lovely nod to the scents of Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Art of Animation Resort. I love having these candles out on display and the scent throw is incredible when they are lit. I have had quite a few "what is that lovely smell?" comments when people come to our home over the past few weeks! I'll definitely be purchasing more of these in the future!

What products have you been loving this month? I'd love to hear so please let me know in a comment below!