Friday, 14 July 2017

GIVEAWAY // Win a Beauty & The Beast Chip Coin Purse

It's time for another giveaway!

If you are a fan of Disney's Beauty & the Beast then you will be well aware of the online frenzy that Primark have created with their incredible range of Disney merchandise over the past few months. I am just dying to get my hands on that duvet set and they have certainly got me popping in as much as I possibly can so that I can stock up on cute Disney bits ready for our next Disney holiday!

A few weeks ago I popped in to my local store for some basics and I spied the much coveted Chip coin purses on a shelf just by the ladies changing rooms. 

Well, I dived on them didn't I?!

Chip is one of my all time favourite Disney characters, he's just too adorable for words!

As well as picking up a purse for myself, I popped another one in my shopping basket to give away to one blog lucky reader so if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning him then here are a few things you need to know:

This giveaway is open to UK & European residents only
A winner will be drawn at random on Friday 11th August 2017
Please enter this giveaway using the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Home Improvements That Will Make Your Property Stand Out From the Rest

We spend so much time developing the interior of our own property that we can easily begin to neglect its exterior. But the exterior is the first thing that people will see and remember, those first impressions count the most! So how do you go about making your property truly stand out from the rest on your street or in your neighbourhood? Well, here are a few beautiful home improvement options for you to consider. Whether you have a huge budget and all the time in the world, or a smaller budget and only half an hour to spare, there will be something out there for you!

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are widely available and can be hung from a small hook outside your home in next to no time. They are a great option for those of us who have little space to spare on the front yard but still want beautiful blooms to decorate our home. Choose a range of flowers that reflect your preferences and personality. There are endless options available to you! Remember to make the most use out of the space that you have too. Even if your basket appears full, chances are that you’ll still be able to fit some trailing plants around the sides, such as fuchsia, non-poisonous ivy species and million bells. If you want even more flora decorating your home, then try out some climber plants. These also take up little space, are relatively low maintenance and certain species can establish themselves relatively quickly. Consider non-toxic ivy species, wisteria, or perhaps even clematis or honeysuckle.


Keep on top of your roofing. Maintenance isn’t only important for the appearance of your exteriors, but for health and safety purposes too! Loose tiles or roofing materials can pose a threat to anyone passing by, as they can fall and cause injury. If you have a conservatory, why not consider adding a tiled roof to this to match? Take a look at the options available at Not only will these designs improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your conservatory, but they will also make your home more eco-friendly, retaining heat and energy within the walls of your home.

A lick of fresh paint

If your home’s exterior is starting to look a little dull and worse for wear, then perhaps it’s time for a fresh lick of paint. Whether you need to fix chips and general wear and tear, or simply fancy a change of colour, it will nurture a whole new atmosphere around your living space. When choosing the colour, ensure that it fits in with the general aesthetic of your neighbouring homes and neighbourhood. You don’t want to create problems within the community or controversy. But generally speaking, pale shades or neutral shades are acceptable and will leave your home looking fresh and brand new. Bring in a professional for this job. While you may be great at painting, the qualified professionals will make a better job of reaching high or awkward walls in a safe and sensible manner.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

From toddler bed to big girl bed // My top 5 bed choices

The time has finally come for us to upgrade kiddo's bed from a toddler bed to a proper big girls' bed and what an exciting transition this is going to be! Miss E has slept in a Mamas & Papas Rialto cotbed since she was a baby, it's one of those that converts into a toddler bed and honestly, she loves that bed so much! At almost 4 years old though, she has definitely outgrown it and the hunt is on for a quality piece of furniture that will last her for years to come.

Our requirements are pretty simple. We're looking for a bed that is modern, versatile and well made. Preferably with a tonne of storage underneath (does anyone else have a child who hoards soft toys like there's no tomorrow?!). 

There are so many lovely beds out there though, it's hard to know which one to pick! So to help me decide, I've put together a list of my top five choices. All of them are stunning and I am having a hard time making the final decision! 

So please, let me know which one is your favourite in a comment below! 

1. Mode Wild West Teepee Bed // £354.50 // Link

This bed is just magical, isn't it?! A super fun den-bed, the perfect place for both rest and play. I just know that kiddo would love snuggling up with her favourite stories in here! What I love about this bed is that the roof can be detached when you no longer require it and you can also purchase a large underbed storage drawer which would be perfect for spare bedding, toys, etc! 

2. Ikea Hemnes bed frame with 2 storage boxes // £220 // Link

Why do I love this bed? Well, not just because of the price! This bed comes with two large storage boxes underneath.... perfect for toys, clothes, spare bedding, etc! The design is simple, sophisticated and will go with any decor scheme. It also has adjustable bed sides which allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses. 

3. Ercol Devon single bed // £595 // Link

We have a lot of Ercol furniture in our home so we already know just how good the quality is! Built to last, sturdy and super stylish. This simple two tone bed would be the perfect addition to our home and would last kiddo for years to come. 

4. Classic mid sleeper bed from The White Company // £1299 // Link

I am pretty sure that this bed is the dream! Heaps of storage that will free up space elsewhere in the bedroom and designed with simplicity in mind. Kiddo would love climbing the ladder to get into bed (whenever we have bunk beds on holiday, one of her favourite things to do is to climb up and down the ladders!). I also like that the bed has a rail along the edge, no chance of kiddo rolling out in the night!

5. Mazeballs kids' storage bed from Loaf // £695 // Link

I flipping love Loaf. Everything about this brand is just my cup of tea so it's no surprise that I love their Children's range too! The Mazeballs bed comes with a set of storage baskets that have been woven from recycled magazines. These baskets slot neatly underneath the bed and they would be perfect for storing kiddo's 10 billion soft toys! The bed itself is simple, study looking and would look beautiful in any bedroom!

Which of these beds do you like best? And how did you make the transition from toddler bed to full size bed? Let me know in a comment below!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Zippo's Circus "JIGIT" Comes to Sheffield // Win one of five family tickets!

Do you remember your first circus show? There's something just so magical about the big top arriving into town and there's certainly nothing like getting the family together to see a show.... i'll never get bored of it! One of my favourite quotes from ringmaster Norman Barrett, MBE is "you're never too old, you're never too young and you're never too cool to go to the circus" and how true it is! We started taking our daughter to big top shows since she was a baby, passing our circus going tradition on to her. Just like her parents, she's mesmerised by the atmosphere, the costumes and the mind-blowing skills of circus performers.

When it comes to family friendly circus shows, you really can't get much better than Zippos Circus. Lucky for us Sheffield folk, Britain's favourite circus is returning once again this year to Endcliffe Park from the 10th - 14th August with their brand new show "Jigit!". 

This years show welcomes the thundering hooves of acrobatic Cossack riding into the UK circus ring for the first time in 30 years with the appearance of the Khadikov Jigit Riders from Kazakhstan. Their astonishing and fearless 'jigitovka' trick riding showcases beautifully the extraordinary relationship between man and horse. 

If that wasn't enough, you'll be dazzled by a feast of performers that include heart stopping knife throwing, an incredible African contortionist, hilarity from Alex the Fireman (who is incredible, trust me!) and the return of laugh-out-loud comic Emilion. Let's not forget that the show is led by the one and only Norman Barrett, MBE who is back with his mischievous but oh, so cute budgerigar pals!

Finally, if you're into your thrills then you certainly won't be let down the legendary Brazilian Lucius Troupe and their Globe of Death who return to present their astonishing break-neck loop-the-loop motorbike performance. I guarantee that it will have you on the edge of your seat!

Let me tell you, I am so super excited to see this years show. It sounds incredible! If you'd like to catch one of the performances in Sheffield then I am here today to announce that I have family tickets to give away on my blog for five lucky winners! 

These tickets are for 2 adults and 2 children and I have five lots of these available for any Sheffield performance of each winner's choice (subject to availability). The show runs from 10th - 14th August 2017 at Endcliffe Park, Ecclesall Road, S11 7AB.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is answer this simple question in a comment below:

Who are the Brazilian daredevils in the Globe of Death?

Please make sure that you leave your name and email address so that you can be contacted if you win!

The winners will be drawn randomly at 12 noon on Tuesday 1st August, 2017. 


For more information, times and tickets, please visit
DIAL-A-SEAT // 0871 210 2100 (calls cost 10p per minute + phone company's charge)
Follow Zippos on Facebook here and twitter here

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Travel // A week in Anglesey, North Wales

Recently we spent a beautifully sunny week with the rest of my family in Anglesey, North Wales. I'm not hugely familiar with Anglesey but I'm always game for new experiences and let me tell you, it far exceeded my expectations! 

We seemed to pick just the right week for the good weather. We were able to enjoy plenty of beach action complete with crystal clear blue skies, sand everywhere and consuming copious amounts of ice cream to cool down. The beaches over there are truly incredible. Kiddo loved exploring rock pools, collecting crabs, hunting for wildlife and splashing around as much as possible. It was everything that a holiday should be! 

Whilst Anglesey isn't the most dog friendly of destinations, we still found plenty of beaches and attractions where the whole family (pup included!) could explore. Plas Newydd gardens and Foel Farm were particularly great with dogs. At Foel Farm, they could even enjoy the tractor rides on offer!

Anyway, here are a few photographs from our time there. I will apologise for if you follow me over on instagram then you might have seen a fair few of these already! It was one of those holidays that I didn't feel compelled to have the camera out constantly.... in fact some days I didn't use it at all! I hope that you enjoy them all the same! 


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Things I've loved this week // 037

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that I've been loving this week!

New hair

I spent my first afternoon after coming home from our holiday at the hairdressers getting my mane cute and coloured. I usually work if kiddo is at nursery so trips to the hairdressers instead feel dead indulgent! It's a little bit more blonde and I'm really loving having something a bit different (for me, anyway!). I just need to start looking after it a bit better because I'm on a mission to grow it long! Recommend me your favourite (cruelty free!) hair care products, please!

New Leighton Denny nail products

This week I have been loving two new additions to my beauty kit, the Leighton Denny Rock Solid nail strengthening treatment and a gorgeous Leighton Denny summery nail shade, Sugar & Spice.
Nails are one of those things that I have really neglected over the past few months and so the strengthening treatment is really working it's magic when it comes to protecting my nails and promoting healthier growth. This treatment can be used daily or underneath nail polish. I used it on it's own for a week then applied the Sugar & Spice nail polish over the top. Honestly, I've had this colour on for a while now and it's showing no signs of going anywhere which I am so pleased about because usually nail polish lasts me a day, max! 
Sugar & Spice has the most delicious candyfloss pink shimmer to it, it's just perfect if you're looking for a no fuss shade this summer!

A new coat

As somebody who is interested in pursuing a more simple and clutter free lifestyle, I am committed to only owning a maximum of two coats.... one for the warmer months and one for winter. I have needed a replacement summer coat for well over a year but it has been a mega difficult search because I need a coat that's as good for dog walks as it is for nipping to the shops! Luckily I stumbled upon this mustard coloured beauty in Joules the other day and I am so pleased with it.... it's waterproof, just the right length and best of all, it matches kiddo's coat!

Being outdoors

Even though it's been ridiculously cold here in Yorkshire this week, I have loved spending time outdoors. Whether it's taking Elsie for longer walks in the evening or spending time sprucing up the garden. Nothing beats a bit of fresh air!

A post-holiday high

Last week we stayed with the rest of my family in a holiday cottage in North Wales. It's not somewhere I have been for years but we all had such a lovely time. The weather was flipping amazing too! I have returned home feeling refreshed, happy and raring to go. I've made some real progress with my 'to do' lists this week, clearing stuff out and getting stuff done. Long may this continue! 

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in a comment below!

Monday, 26 June 2017

10 Little Things That Make Me Happy #Tag

Recently I was tagged by the lovely Kelly over at Kelly Pendragon to take part in the '10 little things that make me happy' tag. One of my favourite quotes is "enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things", I just think this is so true! It's all to easy to forget or not make time for those little things that make you happy, especially when you have a busy lifestyle to contend with. But taking time out to keep yourself happy is vital! So without further ado, here are 10 things that keep me smiling..... 

1. Listening to music

I couldn't imagine a day without listening to music and I always, always have a song stuck in my head. I love my music loud, brutal and angry and yet at the same time I love Disney, movie soundtracks and Europop. I have music on as much as possible.... whether I'm out walking the dog or cleaning at home. I can't get enough.

2. Fresh bedding

I think this would be on most people's lists, am I right?! Nothing makes me happy like fresh sheets that have been dried outdoors, ironed and even starched. Changing bedding takes forever but in my eyes, it is so worth it!  

3. Watching Disney vlogs

I'm always thinking about the next Disney holiday and watching Disney vlogs on YouTube keep that excitement going whilst i'm holiday planning! Some of my favourites are Justin Scarred/LiveFastDiePoor, Frances Alicia, Francis Dominic, Adam Hattan, Ellie Steadman and Tim Tracker. I love watching these in the evening! 

4. Naps

If I can find time for a nap during the day then I really feel like I am winning at life. I blummin' love sleep! Obviously this rarely happens now as kiddo's napping days are firmly in the past! 

5. Walking the dog

She might move as slow as a snail sometimes but I love walking Elsie! Even more so when we can get out to a park or somewhere she can explore off lead.

6. Peanut butter and jam on toast

I am a toast fiend and for me, not much beats peanut butter and jam on thick white toast! It's definitely a favourite snack of mine.

7. An empty laundry basket

You can tell I'm a mama, right?! I love that feeling when all the ironing is done and everything has been put away in it's right place. An empty laundry basket pleases me way more than it should! Of course, it never lasts long though! 

8. Holiday planning

Whether it's researching the next trip, looking at restaurant reviews, watching vlogs or reading blog posts.... I love planning holidays! I have a wish list as long as my arm of places I'd love to visit (that's another blog post, right?!) and I'm always dreaming of all the new places we might get to explore.   

9. Decluttering

Always! I'm definitely not one of those people that sees an empty space and wants to fill it.... in fact I'm quite the opposite. I find great satisfaction in donating a bag of belongings to my favourite charity shops or posting out eBay sales. It's a mammoth task but with each thing that leaves our home, I feel so much happier!

10. A good cup of tea

Just before bed.... yep, I'm strange! Or when somebody makes you a cup of tea just how you like it. Or when you visit a cafe and they give you a huuuuuge teapot. I l o v e tea!

Thank you for tagging me Kelly! I'd love to keep this tag going so if you're reading this and would like to take part then please do! Send me your link when you have published your post, i'd love to see what makes you happy too!